Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 4 March 7 Bryce Canyon National Park

Today, the group traveled north to Bryce Canyon State Park in Utah! After a long 2 hour ride, the Huskies were more than happy to get out of the cramped van. The attitude of the group in the morning was sour. The group had a long day prior and was expecting a little more sleep on the van. Personally, it seemed no one was motivated because we didn't know what to expect. On the way up to the 9000ft summit, the group saw arch like structures (see above picture) and hoodoos. Immediately, the attitude of the group changed. The Huskies were snapping multitudes of photos left and right of the vast sculpted desert ahead of us.

We still had some distance to go until we reached the top. Hiking at the top was interesting because temperatures changed significantly in and out of the sun. We were hiking through four feet of snow, which is more than what Winter X is experiencing. In a way, it was exhilarating because every step was a gamble; we didn't know if we were going to step on safe hard packed snow, or fall through four feet of thigh deep snow. (see picture below)

As the blissful day progressed, the group had one more hike to go. It was a 3 mile loop down into Bryce Canyon. The trail brought us down and around the hoodoos but we could not climb on them!
We came to an end on the first mile of the trail. This point was where part of the group could choose if they wanted to turn back or not. Only a few members chose to go back. I, as well as a few other Huskies decided to carry on. It was well worth it!!!

Working our way down the canyons we saw wildlife ranging from small birds to Mule Deer. The deer were surprisingly friendly and we were able to get up close for some really cool shots. Carrying on through the canyon, our group really recognized the immense power that water and ice had on the canyon. It was absolutely beautiful and I only wish I could have stayed there longer. Words nor pictures could justify the spiritual feeling you received from these millions of year old masses. When we departed from Bryce Canyon, I think our group felt lucky enough to have experienced the hike today. We finished off the night with a steak dinner at a local restaurant where us huskies elaborated on what we learned about our surroundings and ourselves.

The hungry mule deer minding their business as we passed.
From Sunset Rim the Hoodoos that we walked through.

 Inside the canyon enjoying the view from the bottom up.

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  1. How lucky all of you are! What an amazing place. Did you all get a chnace to walk out onto the skywalk? Awesome hat, Aki!