Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Update from China

Simply from being exposed to a Chinese educational system for less than two days, I feel as though we have learned a lot. I've learned how the WLSA classrooms operate. There are some commonalities, yet some substantial differences. For example, in the literacy class, the students wait to be called on, hand-raising is not the norm. The food is great, such as hot pot. Days are exhausting and jet lag isn't helping, but the experience is well worth it! - Katie

In the little amount of time I have spent so far in China I have seen lots of differences.  The culture is completely foreign, but exciting.  The classroom experience is completely different from New Hampton in positive and negative ways.  All in all though, I am having lots of fun immersing myself in their food, ways of life, and in all intricacies of their culture.  - Ellis

I'm totally Chinese, however, am viewing my native culture with a new perspective, after having studied in the US for a semester. I am recognizing that there are a lot of differences between the Chinese and American education systems. For example, New Hampton's students are better able to express their knowledge and opinions to our teachers and classmates during class. In contrast, Chinese students are often too shy to share their opinion or offer their knowledge to the class. - David 

Ellis, Katie, David and Mrs Pechenick are taking in a physical 
education classes game of dodgeball after a reflective discussion 
of our essential question on our sunniest day yet in Shanghai.
 This morning, the group sat in on their second morning of WLSA classes (click here read about the WLSA curriculum) and will take in the Shanghai Museum, Bund (historical downtown business district along the river), and enjoy more traditional Chinese cuisine. Last night's Nanjing Street shopping district visit and hot pot dinner (Great recommendation, David) was a huge hit!

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