Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Working Robot!

We have divided the students into two groups and they are building robots to complete two tasks:
  1. While a student controls the robot from an iPad, pick up two different balls and place them in a beaker with a time limit of two minutes.
  2. Autonomously (depending only on sensors and software) drive around until the robot sees either a blue or red wall, and then either spin around or drive in a square depending on the color.
Below is a video of one group's robot that places balls in the beaker. It has since been updated to resolve an issue where it often dropped the ball. This shows a successful placement, but this video is take 5.

And here is a photo of the enhancements. Notice that there is a long beam on the scoop that prevents the ball from falling back onto the robot when the scoop is lifted, and also that the base of the scoop is modified to direct the ball to the side when it is lifted.

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