Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Minor Setback For The Group From Outer Space

First off, our usual blogger is MIA, so we have our best tweeter on the job. Due to the light snow this morning, we made the call not to send off the balloon, and so an updated countdown is on this post.

Today is a final preparations day. We're triple checking EVERYTHING, and making sure our payload box, which will be filming 4 different angles on our near 100,000 foot ascent, is secure and ready to go. Our ten-man team and two supervisor crew is nearly ready to hit the edge of space!

The Media & Design team is finishing off what they can of the film before the launch for your enjoyment on Saturday. The official launch date is tomorrow, Thursday, March 6th, at 9:00am, from a still undetermined place. T-minus 21 and a half hours left! Wish us luck! (

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Countdown Clocks

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