Monday, March 3, 2014

An Exciting Day 1 of Project Week, Or is it Day 3?

While we are just under an hour away from the close of the first official day of Project Week, it already seems like we are deep into the week. Maybe it's because we had groups such as Service Learning in the DR, Project Adventure, and Creating Music leave at mind-numbing times like 2:30 am over the past 3 days. Or maybe it's because groups like Make A Sci-Fi Action Movie have been writing scripts and building props for several months already. Or maybe it's because students and faculty have been thinking up Project Week ideas like Mountain Mechanics and NHS Greenhouse since the fall.

Whatever day it is, or was, it certainly was exciting. The energy on campus was electric as students and faculty engaged in unique learning opportunities, such as flying RC airplanes in the Lower Gym or getting locked up in the NHPD holding cell. Nerves and muscle were tested as students prepared to brave sleeping in below freezing temps or surviving an all day work out session with Radar! Patience was needed as the Washington D.C. group worked through multiple flight cancellations. Their perseverance paid off as the group touched down in the nation's capital late tonight, but their resilience will be tested, and hopefully rewarded, with an early morning tour of the most famous house in the world tomorrow!

As most of us make our way to bed, exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, we are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Will it be a new understanding of how food and exercise affect our happiness? Or a better understanding of how to research those questions that are most important to us? Or will we gain insight into cultures that were once foreign to us? What I like most about this week is the uncertainty and the unlimited potential of what one can learn. What's the primary challenge of Project Week? To boldly dive into that uncertainty and to reach for the limitless with a passion and hunger that can only come from within the individual. Don't wait for someone to simply show you or teach you something, but ask the questions, make the connections, and continue to take the next step.

Have an amazing Project Week, Husky Nation!

Mr. Joslin

Explore. Educate. Experience.

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