Monday, March 3, 2014

Kids Helping Kids Serve Enroute To Kurn Hattin

The frost heaves of Northern New England made their presence felt en route to Bellows Falls. Our initial destination was the "Our Place" soup kitchen, where the students performed a variety of duties and gained firsthand insight into this virtuous but trying endeavor. 

After lunch, The Kids Helping Kids group received a gracious welcome from Thomas Fahner, Co-Executive Director of Kurn Hattin homes. Following brief introductions with the 25 members of the 8th grade graduating class, we engaged in a few games of volleyball, dodge ball, and a version of 'liars poker for kids" to break the ice. Both groups shared dinner together before engaging in a panel discussion on making the transition from grade school to high school. 

Tomorrow's game plan includes a number of maintenance projects and some student to student tutorials within the Kurn Hattin reading program... and with any luck, internet access!

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  1. Day 2- breakfast - school meeting - Time for work!