Friday, March 7, 2014

Building Doors and Mixing Soil For The Greenhouse

The Geenhouse group has been busy staining boards, assembling doors, building raised beds, mixing potting soil, and starting seeds! We split up into two groups and tackled all the work.

Staining took a lot of teamwork, and group 2 did a great job working together. Tomi 16’ and Johnny 17’ worked hard on finishing the shingles. Shen Hua 16’, Lily 16’, Jacob 16’, and Mary 17’ stained the sides.

Group 1 worked hard constructing the beds! They look great! Mian 15’ and Maggie 17’ were great leaders. Eric 15’ did an awesome job drilling and cutting the wood. Each group got to construct their own doors as well. With Mr. Shackett's design, we assembled and built four barn-style sliding doors for the ends of the greenhouse. Great job to everyone!

We were lucky to have the Tinker Shop, another New Hampton School Project group, constructing our tables! They look awesome!

We used the planting room in Pilalas to mix potting soil and learn about plant nutrition. We mixed our own soil nutrients to add to the peat moss and vermiculite base for our potting soil. We up-cycled containers that we found at our homes and in our dorms into planters, and we started some flowers in them. They are very creative, and we did a good job on mixing the soil and choosing the seeds. We also spent time looking through all of the seeds that we will start this week and throughout the growing season.
- Shen Hua R., Lily C., Mary H.

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