Friday, March 7, 2014

Siberian Husky Lost At Sea

The Siberian Husky Hot Air Balloon still remains lost at sea. The last transmission signal was received at 5:46 am today (Longitude -70.08795 and Latitude 43.444) approximately 10 miles East of Biddeford, ME. Calls were made to the US Coast Guard asking for their help. An email was sent to television station WCSH in Portland ME asking their listeners to be on the lookout for the balloon. We even tried calling the local fisherman's association to help retrieve the lost balloon. We believe the box has taken on water and is perhaps gone forever. We may never know what lies within the cameras and video.

With the group just waiting on a phone call, we all headed down to Concord to visit the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, New England's premier air and space center. Here the students were able to walk freely around the center and take in the interactive exhibits on aviation and astronomy. The group watched and listened to a presentation entitled "Tonight's Sky" in their 360 degree theater. The narrator, a teacher from St.Pauls School, gave a 45 minute talk on what to expect to see in the sky and how you can identify the different planets, moons and the many constellations.

The HHAB will now prepare for our presentation at Saturday's Symposium. We encourage you to attend and ask questions to the group.

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