Monday, March 3, 2014

Day #1 The Business of Upcycling

Here is a snapshot of our busy day! Selecting furniture and trying to figure out what the possibilities were was the emphasis for the day!

For our project we (Halsey, Rikako and Hotaru) are going to sand, paint, and modernize an old vintage bookcase. A special addition to the book case will be the pop of green color and the book pages on the side and in the drawers.

drawing by Rikako

This end table will be turned into an awesome Chess/checkers table!

I will be refurbishing this chair. I think that much of the time a piece does not need to be made beautiful, rather the beauty is already in it. All it needs is to be brought out and brightened up.
- Peter B

Team CTM is undertaking an EXTREME MOD PODGE project in which we will use paints, recycled book pages, mod podge, to revamp a large coffee table. We have begun the planning process and eagerly await our chance to begin sanding the table and ridding it of its old surface.

-Written by Max, Taylor, Claire

Group Bench is going to start scraping the paint off of the seat section of this old bench. We will decide what to do after we see what it looks like!

Today is the first day of Upcyling. The crew gathered up materials (old desks, chairs, shelves), and we made a materials list. The project I am going to take on is painting a very unique end table. The plan is that it will resemble chocolate. Yes, I did say CHOCOLATE. Here is a picture of before the paint goes on. Throughout Project Week, hopefully the table gets a little more tasteful!

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