Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day #2 The Business of Upcycling

Today was a busy day. What I have accomplished today is the legs of my Chocolate Table. It consists of the colors "Basic Khaki " and " Espresso Beans". My goal for the afternoon session is to touch up the legs of the table and finish them. Here is a picture of almost the finished product of the legs!

– Mairead

After a few hours of sanding, I can now see the natural grain and color of the wood in some parts. Absolutely delightful! Still a lot of sanding to be done, and hopefully by tomorrow, I will be applying the pre-stain.

– Peter

We have been sanding the end table since yesterday. We first tried to sand everything until the original wood shows, but then we realized that was too much work to do. Since we need to stain the table a darker color, we just need to make it rough and get rid of the scar marks. After sanding the table, we need to carve the middle part of the table out so we can make a chessboard. And that is our next step.

– Sally and Yeva

This morning in Upcycling, the bookshelf group has been sanding and painting. The first coat is complete, and it looks fabulous! After lunch we will continue painting our shelf.

 – Halsey, Rikako, and Hotaru

We are going to finish scraping and sanding this afternoon. Then we will decide whether to paint the seat part with another color or not.

– Braden, Lewis, and Daisy

Team CTM is working very hard and getting a lot done on our coffee table. We have sanded and meticulously applied multiple layers of paint to specific areas in order to achieve a proper "shabby chic" look. One member of CTM still does not know what shabby chic means, but yet is extremely excited about the project nonetheless. We are about to embark on operation EXTREME MOD PODGE (also referred to as XTREME MOD PUDGE) and cover the top of the table in recycled book pages and scrapbooking materials. In addition, we continue to make progress despite having a member of our team without hair. We will reach the mountaintop.

 – Max, Taylor, and Claire

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