Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 3! Training As An Athlete

Day 3 Theme: Attitude

Our smoothies are getting better! Today's theme was attitude. We started out the day with our camp talk by Radar on attitude. The entire group has been awesome and has worked so hard over the first two days, and today was nothing different. Our sessions this morning included lots of cable machine lifts with Radar in the lower weight room, an interval bodyweight workout with McCabe, and finding the right shoe support with Precious.

The afternoon brought a new adventure; POOL WORKOUT! We traveled to the Laconia Athletic Club to use their pool and engage in a bit of a pool workout. The first half of our time was spent constructively going through our workout in order to utilize the resistance of water as well as help our muscles (they are sore!). The second half of our time was spent in a competition! SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING!

Here is what happened….

Day 3 included a night off to get some rest! Another awesome day training as an athlete!

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