Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 4: Training As An Athlete

Day 4 Theme: Teamwork!

Another great day to be a Husky! Today we made it through smoothie making in 30 minutes! We even made the caf run out of veggies for the morning! Don't worry, they are getting another shipment in!

Our morning sessions consisted of getting our own workout plan from Radar, running techniques with McCabe, and learning how to tape an ankle with Precious. The afternoon went along with the theme, and we stuck with our morning groups and played dodgeball!

Team 2

Team 1

Team 3

Team 2 and 1 played in the championship game and team 1 took the 'ship! Awesome teamwork and intensity by all!

Tonight we were blessed to have Mrs. Churchill come and do a yoga class with us. She took into consideration that we are very sore and got us into some deep stretches. Thank you thank you thank you!

Tomorrow is our last full day together. This week has really been awesome working hard with a really special group of students. Goodnight!

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