Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 5: Effort

Today's theme was effort. Effort is something we can always give to our team or to the task at hand. Our group did just that today. We had a great last morning session starting with smoothies and our 3 stations. Groups worked through their program with Radar, worked through foam rollers and functional plank poses with McCabe, and body mechanics and weight room terms with Precious. There was a sense of joy when all groups finished their mornings!

With morning workouts over, it was time for our last afternoon session, ZUMBA! Some of us had tried Zumba before, but many had never tried it or seen what it actually was. We traveled to the Laconia Athletic Club again to meet Trish, the best Zumba teacher ever! Trish told us over and over that we were the best group she has ever taught. Each person stayed moving the entire time, even when we weren't very confident with the dance move being performed. ZUMBA is amazing and each person would like a class added to their workout program.

After Zumba we traveled to Concord to experience Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt. Our diets this week excluded refined sugars and desserts, so this was a treat! It was a great way to end our Friday!

Tomorrow morning we are meeting as a group to hear about our day 6 theme, and then we will head to the caf to make one more smoothie before break! I am very thankful to have been able to spend this week with such awesome, hard working people.

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