Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 7 - Tourists

With our last full day in the Dominican Republic, we decided to see some sights. In the morning, we drove to Laguna Dudu, a freshwater sinkhole that is gorgeous! We all swam and explored the beautiful property. There was a zip line there, but no one used it because we were not sure how safe it was. Still, everyone had a great time relaxing.

Laguna Dudu

We had a pizza lunch in the shade and then drove back to Playa Grande. David, Derek, and Siqi did their impression of the health and wellness project group by getting beach massages for 500 pesos ($11.65) for thirty minutes.

At Playa Grande we spent time at the beach. Some rented body boards while others swam, walked, and got snacks. Some found out just how strong the Caribbean sun is.

Tomorrow we head back to Santo Domingo to catch our flight home.

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