Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day Three Comforting CHaD

Wednesday means we are half way through Project Week! We can't believe it! All the hard work and preparation is starting to show. Several blankets and quilts were finished today, and lots of work was done on some of our more complex projects. We are getting excited to deliver our blankets and quilts to the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on Friday!

Completing her baby quilt was very rewarding and smiles of pride were all over her face as she helped others with what they were doing. Many of us remember having a blanket with that satin edge. Such a sweet design and size for a baby in need.

A shot of the group and some of the work we are doing. We have come so far in our skills since Monday. Students are now helping each other and not just asking the teachers.

Day one was a challenge to get started with some fear of making that first cut, but look at him now! A beautifully done American theme quilt with a folded edge. Very well sewn and ready for a young boy or girl looking for a little comfort and cheer. Great job!

Finishing her second blanket, this time she added ribbon tabs around the edge for a child to play with, rub, and chew on. A wiz on the sewing machine, she has been helping sew some of the squares for the larger quilts. A wonderful hard worker!

Starting the week with a big idea, today things have come together. Everyone has pitched in to make this quilt an older boy will really love. Cool flames, cards, and music notes with a buffalo checker back has been challenging with the small squares and overall larger quilt size, but the boys have continued to work hard and ask for help to make sure we complete this Big Idea.

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