Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Freeze Frame: Day Three, Working with Portrait Photographer Sid Ceaser

Photo by Sid Ceasar
Photo by Sid Ceaser
Photo by Sid Ceaser

Today we went to Nashua to meet the photographer Sid Ceaser. Sid Ceaser shoots both in his studio and on location. His work is gritty and individual, really expressing the personal qualities of his subject.

Sid worked with us on location lighting in his studio. We started with taking "head shots". He showed us how easy you can change the facial expression. After lunch we tried our own ideas with taking photos in little groups and with props. It was really fun to play in front of the camera with toy light sabers, the muppets, and a horse mask.

- Annika V. '16

Sid Ceaser explaining his process.
Making portraits in the studio.
Sid had lots of fun toys to use as props.
Why wouldn't he have a horse's head as well?
Sid explains exposure, from the model's point of view.

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