Friday, March 7, 2014

Greenhouses in Action

The greenhouse squad took a field trip to Vermont. We drove for about an hour to see some real greenhouses first hand. 

The first farm, Longwind Farm in East Thetford, VT, had massive greenhouses. They had 2 greenhouses, each being the size of the field house here at NHS. The farm is one of the only organic soil-based tomato operations in New England. The owner of the farm gave us a helpful tip in telling us that, as beginners, we should try to stick with growing greens. His reasoning was that tomatoes are very sensitive to temperature. 

The second farm we toured was run in collaboration with Dartmouth College. The greenhouses at this farm weren't quite as big as the ones at the first farm, but the owners provided us with a wealth of information. They taught us the importance of keeping a "closed loop", or making the greenhouse completely self-sustaining. They also told us the importance of being creative when closing the loop, and explained that the loop can be closed in a number of ways. All in all, the field trip was beneficial for our project, and the information we learned will help future generations of Huskies.
- Eric L.

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