Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haight & Ashbury and Third Day in the Studio

On our fourth day in San Francisco, we left at 9 am to drive down to Haight & Ashbury to visit the Amoeba Record store and explore. We visited where the Grateful Dead lived, enjoyed an amazing guitar/music store, shopped, and visited the "That's so Raven" House. That is Adam's favorite show.

After an hour, half of the group went back to the studio to record our last song while the other half stayed to explore this area a bit deeper. In the studio, we recorded "Mama's Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert. Callie and all did a fantastic job, and we are extremely excited to share ALL the music we created this week. 

We had a little extra time at the end of our studio session today. Dylan, Innes, Conor, and Lukas did a live studio, one take recording of "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana. It is so good and helps demonstrate another way bands capture their music in a studio setting. With our other songs we used a tracking process. This is where you lay the foundation first: Drums and Bass. Then you carefully layer all the other parts, one at a time, and finish with the vocalist(s). It provides the musicians the opportunity to perfect their contribution to the song and achieves a very polished feel. When recording a live, one take recording, the musicians play in a room together, play the song several times, and choose the complete take they like the best. It will have imperfections, but it captures the energy and music in the moment. The music has a feel that is much more natural and raw then when tracking. Both have their upside and downside, and it is up to the musicians to decide the feel they want for their recordings. Tomorrow we will spend an hour in the morning watching our producer demonstrate the "mastering" process. Then our recordings will be complete and ready to share with Husky Nation!

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