Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hope: Production Diary

Here are a few more blog updates from last week! Many thanks to our blogger, sound tech and production assistant Diego for the blog posts:

Day 1 (read more about Day 1 here)
Trying on costumes and posing for the camera. Boy, those soldiers look pretty tough!

The soldiers pose with Sarah.

Sarah and Emma.

Day 2 - We're filming for real now!
 The crew started of the day in a cold, freezing house called the grange. we shoot the scenes of Sarah shooting Emma and the general being killed. The crew took breaks and we drank hot chocolate. We were in the Grange the whole day and we also filmed the scenes where the general wants his tech experts to examine a computer that was hidden in the case. The tech expert takes it and finds out it has a problem in it and the general panics. We also filmed the scene where Emma and Sarah are taken to the headquarters and the general and all his soldiers are walking around and talking to each other.

Day 3 - Still going strong!
The day started off with many different things. First the whole crew got together to discuss the plan for the day. Then we got our assignments: some people were assigned to do filming and others were assigned to clean the set and take the props back to the pubs lab. The filming scenes were the kitchen fight and hallway fight. Some people had to clean the grange and carry many props down to the car and bring it back to the pubs lab. Towards the end of the day some of the crew got into a car with a big camera crane and a electronic model airplane. The scene we filmed was the ending and we watched the airplane fly around with a camera attached to it and flew around shooting scenes of Sarah acting. It took many takes but in the end it was worth it.

Day 4 - 5
What happened these days? A rush to audio pick up recording, editing and CGI so we could finish the film in time for the project symposium!

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