Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paving Paradise Day 2 at Kualoa Ranch

"Aloha kakahiaka," meaning good morning, was the first saying we learned in our Hawaiian language course today. The Moli'i fish pond, located on Kualoa Ranch, was where we spent the morning learning many words. For example, we learned how to say belly button, "Piko". At the fish pond we played many native games. For example, one was called "slippery chicken." The game consisted of throwing spherical sticks across the ground, and the goal was to get it through the two vertical poles. The original game took place during a time of peace that happened every year called, Makahiki. After the fun games and learning the language, we took a boat to Secret Island, a beach where we had lunch and went on a double canoe. "A Hui Hou" is the Hawaiian saying for goodbye.

- Emily A
Learning the language and games.

Morning sunrise.

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