Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2: Training As An Athlete!

Another awesome day! Today's theme was attitude. Our morning started out again with smoothie making and egg white omelets. We were much better at creating our smoothies the way we wanted them! So much fun to be able to get so many fruits and vegetables at once right away in the morning. Radar made awesome egg white omelets with turkey and cheese as well.

After breakfast, we started with Radar talking to us about the theme, attitude. Attitude was chosen to be one of our themes because of it's extreme importance in our success in sports and in life.

Our morning sessions went really well again. We went through a core focused Tabata workout, learned new lifts and pushed ourselves in the weight room, and continued learning in the classroom about nutrition and eating disorders.

This afternoon, we were very lucky to have Joel Bergeron come to work with us on our speed. Everyone worked extremely hard and got better in a short amount of time!

We ended the day with P90X Stretch to help sort out the soreness everyone is experiencing! Mrs. Kesselring made an awesome snack for everyone as well, which was greatly appreciated!

Psyched for Day 3! Goodnight!

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