Monday, March 3, 2014

Paving Paradise Group Travels To Hawaii

Off we went to Hawaii. We woke up at five AM and drove to the airport. Boston to Washington was next; some of us slept while others watched TV. On to San Francisco, and after 4 hours we were halted there by a plane delay. On to Hawaii with a new plane. We all had TVs and were able to rest and relax, but the turbulence was terrible and we finally landed much to our delight.

We rented cars. All of us wanted a sports car, but sadly we rented mini vans. And, after a log day of traveling, we all wanted some food. Obviously a Big Mac at McDonalds was the way to go. And finally, at 11:20pm local time, we arrived at our houses, and now we are going to sleep after a log day of traveling.

- Noah S.

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