Monday, March 3, 2014

DR Day 3 - Engaged in Service

We woke up early for a 7:00am breakfast and were greeted with this beautiful sunrise. Time in the Dominican Republic is currently one hour ahead of New Hampton because they do not use daylight savings time, so the sun comes up a little late but also sets later.

On the drive to Abreu we were able to listen to a hit Dominican sing about Chuck Norris. Once at the school, some began to prep the wall for our murals, while another group entered a high school classroom to teach three ESL classes.

The mural artist Juan transfers a drawing by Johanna
and Dempsey that will be painted by NHS students
David, Molly, Mingyu and Claudia teach an English
language class about sports to Juniors
David and Mingyu add some Chinese lessons at the end of
the class. #trilingual
We ate a true Dominican meal of rice, beans, and chicken for lunch and then headed back to the school to teach art classes and continue working on our murals.

Dempsey and Mrs. Arsenault make bracelets with 
Dominican children.
Dori hits the volleyball during high school students break.
They have a break built into their schedule, just like NHS,
but instead of the country store, local vendors sell empanadas.

Johanna, Elizabeth, and Connor work on the mural.
On the way back to our hotel, students were able to buy some snacks in the Abreu market. Once at the hotel, everyone took advantage of the absolutely perfect weather (sun, 85 degrees) and went straight to the beach.

Reflection occurs after dinner each night when students are given time to put their day into context. We had a great day of student engagement, and we are all looking forward to returning to the school tomorrow.

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