Friday, March 7, 2014

Students Employ Individual Talents to Enrich Kurn Hattin Programs

The KHK group continued their impersonation of College Pro Painters. Internet frustrations were brushed aside as the 1 on 1 interviews with our 4th graders continued on day 2. Adjusting on the fly has become the sub plot of the week, and today was no different. Our students did a great job of sifting bits and pieces of information from their subjects through live video, clip art, drawing, and on occasion, direct from the mouths of the babes themselves.

Others were culled from the group in an effort to tap into their individual talents. Hannie again reveled in the opportunity to work the stables. Kurn Hattin sponsors a therapeutic equine program designed to help students make correlations between the quality of the animals life and their own. Care, respect, empathy, responsibility and accomplishment are cornerstones of the program. Ria was asked to join in the Spanish Club during the afternoon co-curricular period. Playing a waitress in a role-play activity where the students ordered menu items and paid for their meals using only EspaƱol. Matt Beckoff was invited to sit in on music classes for the next 2 days and will have the opportunity to play along side the KH music director and recent Grammy Awards runner up Lisa Bianconi.

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