Friday, March 7, 2014

Students Bond With Kurn Hattin 4th Graders

The Kids Helping Kids 2-man Dunks Team got the day rolling with a 6 am start. The team then crushed both breakfast and the 2nd coat of paint in Ball House in record time. The focus of the day centered on the 1 on 1's with the 4th graders, some of whom made their own presentations before their peers - an impressive feat in itself! A quirk in the academic schedule allowed us to meet with the students for a 2nd time slot during the day. The bonds created in just a short time between the high school and grade school students were clearly evident.

Walking through the cafe this evening, our kids were Rock Stars! We accepted the invitation to visit with one of the girls cottages run by a decorated Kurn Hattin House Parent. We came away marveling at the level of respect she commanded while simultaneously showing each resident unrequited love. The overall impression was that "she's chosen the right profession". A small 'bribe' of elastic bracelets and strawberry & raspberry preserves produced by the girls served as a great 'please come back soon' statement.

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