Thursday, February 5, 2015

Project Week is Back!

The countdown has begun for the 2015 Project Week trip to Nashville, TN to learn about creating music in a professional recording studio!

Students and faculty alike are buzzing with excitement with the highly anticipated Project Week finally in sight. Flights are booked, hotel rooms reserved, and instruments are tuned as the Nashville crew looks to set out to investigate the operations of the music industry.

Essential Question: How does the deeper understanding of the music making process and the music recording industry prepare students for possible career choices and life-long involvement in the arts?

In order to grasp a firm understanding of what the music industry truly encompasses, students will explore many facets of the business. Fifteen hours of in-studio time will be spent recording a number of tracks while collaborating with industry professionals. The students will create their own recipe in order to capture a blend of songs in the phenomenal space that is the Sound Kitchen. Click the link to explore the Sound Kitchen!

Along with studio time, students will explore the music mecca that Nashville has become. The week will be riddled with a variety of live performances, along with a visit to The Country Music Hall of Fame. No corner of Nashville will be left unturned! Stay in-tune with the music crew along the way. Follow this blog, as well as the #nhsprojectweek handle on Twitter and Instagram, for daily updates.

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