Friday, March 13, 2015

A Writing Life - Day 4, Publishing Day (By Akseli Isotalo and friends)

Adoring fans line up outside The Purple Pit
The new edition of Cold Sexy Stats is out
We started the day by finishing the editing of our short movies and the writing pieces we made earlier this week that we wanted to put in our book. After some brainstorming, and inspired by something Mr. Cistulli said during our session with him on Thursday, we came to the conclusion it should be titled, "Cold Sexy Stats." We also worked to format and print the book throughout the morning. After lunch, we went to The Purple Pit Cafe in Bristol where everybody presented their pieces in public by reading at the podium. 

Mr. Whitmore shares a poem first started
in a writing exercise with Ms. Grosart
Isaiah White owning the stage.

Author Bill Rubin reads his work.

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