Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 4 from Training as an Athlete

Today was a very exciting day filled with many new events. We started our day with smoothies, of course, and a sports psych lesson followed by a piYo workout with Kendra. piYo stands for Pilates Yoga Infusion by beach body. In this workout we focused on strength and flexibility incorporating yoga poses at a high pace with low impact. This was great for our bodies after a stressful first 3 days.

In the afternoon, we traveled to PSU to do a pool workout. We focused on stretching and movement to help our sore bodies. We also had some fun and split into groups, each group creating a synchronized swimming routine! This was great for our project group because we were able to express ourselves through exercise while having fun!

In the evening, we traveled to Newfound Fitness and had an awesome lesson on Aerial Yoga with Kendra. Our group used Aerial silks and explored different poses on and off the floor. We had a great time and it was fun for our group to try a different type of exercise!

Below are videos of each synchronized swimming routine. Which one do you vote for? 

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