Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Franco-American Cuisine and Authentic Mexican in Manchester


Today was different than all the other days because we got to go to two restaurants. I was in charge of leading the group at the first restaurant we went to, Chez Vachon. This restaurant is based on Food from Quebec.

The main dish and the dish I had was poutine. The dish from Chez Vachon definitely would be enjoyable to most people, but it was nothing like poutine in Quebec. The owner Jessica gave us a great history on why she chose that restaurant and how she thinks poutine came to be.

Photo by Marta

Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant where I had tacos.

The tacos were good, but what was out of this world was how big the milkshakes were!

I lost an odds are to Dave and I had to try and drink it all in one sip. I almost accomplished it but then the brain freeze kicked in… All in all day 2 was a success.
- Eddie E.

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Photo by Anthony G.

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