Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let's Create - Pottery

On Monday, we worked with pottery all day. In the morning, we learned some basic pinching techniques in pottery. Our instructor, Mike, demonstrated the process of making a bowl and a cheese tray. It is very interesting the way the objects come out. A ball can be used as a mold for a bowl and a simple piece of fabric can create a great pattern. Each of us has at least made a bowl.

In the afternoon, we transitioned into using a pottery wheel, which is a more advance technique than pinching. Though the wheels seem easy to use, it is actually much harder to manipulate than pinching. Centering and controlling the speed and the thickness of the bowl or cup were the hardest part. However, all of us took the challenge and tried making something using the wheel.

After making many objects, we learned about the glaze, including the how to glaze and many different shades of glazing.

After the whole day of learning and the hands-on experience, we are now certainly appreciating the art of pottery from a very different perspective than before.

It was really a fun and informative experience and we are definitely looking forward to creating many other things in the following days!

Let's create!

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