Monday, March 9, 2015

Forensic Biology Begins With A Day Of Sightseeing in DC!

"The project week begins! Today was mostly a travel day, from getting up at five in the morning to our arrival in Washington. But today was also a sightseeing day, with monuments and museums alike. Still excited for the projects to begin!" 

"Today we got up at 6am and flew from Boston to DC. We did a lot of sight seening, going to museums, and taking pictures at monuments. We had a very good day." 

On our way to Washington, DC.
Group shot at the White House.
A part of the group went to the Holocaust Museum. Others went to the Natural Museum of History and the Art Museum.

After visiting the museums, we did a little more sightseeing before heading back to the hotel.

Lincoln Memorial.
Tomorrow we spend the day at the Crime Museum. We are looking forward to doing some hands-on work. During the afternoon we may visit the Spy Museum.

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