Monday, March 9, 2015

Vieques Day One: Three Feet Of Sunshine!

Greetings from Vieques! Our day started at 3:30 this morning with a bus ride to Boston. Our group had to haul twelve boxes full of reusable grocery bags around Logan Airport, but the granola balls from Mrs. Joslin gave us that extra push. Our flight ended up landing early, so we were in San Juan around noon and were immediately appreciative of the warm weather. We got our boxes and brought them onto our next flight. This one not so big...

It only sat nine people, so we had to take two trips to get everyone to the island. Although things got a little rowdy when we found out that Gracie was flying the plane...

But nonetheless, all of our boxes and ourselves are safe in Vieques enjoying the warm weather, but more importantly the warm friendship! On our way to La Finca, the eco-retreat, we got to see some of the island's wildlife: geckos, tarantulas, horses, and some very schweet-looking stray dogs. Mr. T and Mrs. Joslin's Gatsby-esque driving skills got us to our destination in no time and gave us more time to relax. We scoured the grounds, becoming familiar with our new home for the week, and later sat down and broke bread as a New Hampton community always does. 

Our plans for the week will have your jaws dropping and we look forward to sharing our experience with all of you and representing NHS well! 

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  1. Keep the blog posts coming! I am so excited for you all!