Monday, March 9, 2015

Kids Helping Kids - Day 1

To start Project Week, the Kids Helping Kids group traveled through NH and VT to arrive at Kurn Hattin. We arrived at our cottages and settled into our little home for the week. 

Next, we went up to the gym to interact with the 8th graders for an ice breaker. We played different games, such as tag and beat changer. By doing this, our group was able to get to know some of the students before seeing the whole school. 

A few hours later we went to dinner with the 8th graders and had a panel discussion about the transition to high school. During this time, we met with an alum and dorm parent from Kurn Hattin. Faith Crowe talked with us about the school and gave us a different perspective. 

Our day finally ended with a nice walk back to our cottages. Tomorrow our group is excited to help the maintenance staff and meet the rest of the kids.


  1. Our NHS students led the ice-breakers with confidence and enthusiasm. With the adults got out of the way, the 8th graders from Kurn Hattin readily interacted with our group of service learners. The dinner topic was a preview of Wednesday's upcoming presentation on "Making the Transition to High School" where these Husky helpers adroitly handled a wide variety of queries.

  2. Tuesday will find us painting cleaning, and organizing the gymnasium storage closets before we head into the classrooms to begin our tutoring sessions. We're excited to work with students in grades K-5 through a variety of mediums including art expression, the I-pad, and 1 on 1 reading sessions.