Monday, March 9, 2015

Snowy and Busy Arrival To Iceland

It was fascinating to see how the ocean and the mountains exist right next to each other.
-Matt C

Beautiful and beautiful, the snow is soft and warm.
-Rikako I

I was surprised that snow does not accumulate very much because of the warm water underground.
-Hotaru M

I feel like the Icelandic people have a different relationship with their country. For instance, everyone seems to be fulfilled with their social status and lifestyle.
-David F

The sky seemed so close that I feared it was going to fall on us. BUT I LOVED IT!
-Yeva Y

The barren landscape of Iceland was a huge surprise.
-Alec W

This was a big surprise and so nice that it cleared up.
-Teddy S

I never realized how different the culture was between us and the Scandinavians.
-Jess C

Overall I feel this country is very nice and beautiful.
-Aurdric S

Iceland has a really different culture compared to America. The metric system is meters and celsius. Weather is changeable and snowflakes are bigger than those in New Hampton!
-Joyce M

The weather in Iceland is hard to take a picture of because you never know when it is going to snow or when the sun will come out.
-George O

It was amazing how the pool water got naturally heated.
-Leo B

The culture is very different from our culture, and it is very hard to get used to the routine.
-Mingyu Y

After exiting the bathing area, a feeling of overall wellness overcame our senses.
-Oliver S

I felt awkward when the guard in the locker room of the hot spring made us wash ourselves nude in an open area.
-Max Z

The traditions are different in this country. You are asked to take off all your clothes in front of the locker room guard and wash yourself. Really awkward!
-Johnson J

The mountains that were formed by volcanos keep growing in size, which I thought was really cool.
-Branton B

It was really cool to learn that Iceland grows two centimeters every year because of the tectonic plates shifting apart.
-Jonathan S

Note: We are trying to upload pictures. The internet is slow here.

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  1. Such thoughtful comments...I look forward to hearing more about your adventure. Enjoy!