Friday, March 13, 2015

Lets Create - Glass Blowing

Friday, our group went to a glass blowing studio and worked with glass. The night before, we watched a short video about the studio and the owner, Dominique. She was not introduced to glass blowing until college. However, she fell in love with the media of glass and started her own studio after college.

Glass is a brand new media to all of us. Before we started the work shop, we were all a little intimidated by the machines and the heat. But Dominique eased us into the process by letting us practice with the rod without glass.

We first made a clear glass flower and a colored one, which is the basic technique for making glass. The spinning and the amount of time for the glass to cool and harden is essential for the forming of the shape. After we learned the basics, we started the blowing part. Not only does the blowing require another type of rod, it is also much harder than blowing up a ballon as we thought. Though the glass was hot, it still has density; therefore, it requires a lot of pressure when blowing it. All of us got a little bubble, which is good for beginners as we were told.

It was a new and fun experience. We all hope that we can work with glass again some time in the future. It was definitely a great way to finish our Project Week!

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