Thursday, March 12, 2015

Loveless Cafe and Zip Lining!

Good morning from Franklin Tennessee! We enjoyed a nice sleep in this morning and slowly made our way to the Loveless Cafe just outside of Nashville. This cafe has been visited by many famous actors, singers, and TV personalities (they each have their signed photo on the walls). Breakfast was amazing! We devoured their famous biscuits and jelly. Everyone was full and happy by the end of the meal.

After breakfast, we headed out to Adventure Works Zip Lining for some well deserved fun! We went through 10 different zip line courses, each ranging in speed, length, and height. The highest zip line was 8 stories (80 feet). And for those of us who are scared of heights, it was an interesting experience.

Tonight we're planning a low-key dinner at Mike's Hot Chicken Shack for some fried oreos and hot chicken.

Our two tracks are almost finished, and they both sound great! We've only experienced a few hiccups this week, and we're excited to show everyone what we've been working on. The studio we've been working in was also working with a band called SafteySuit, and they were kind enough to introduce us to the lead singer (Doug Brown) and their producer (Smith Carlson). We even got signed tee-shirts! Smith Carlson has produced the last few One Direction albums, Maroon Five, and the last Taylor Swift album.

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