Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Baking: Cupcake Wars

Today, we met in the dining hall at 9 am for breakfast and to decorate and frost the cupcakes that we made yesterday. The teachers brought us some other pre-made frosting and decorations, such as sprinkles and colored sugar, to put on the cupcakes. We took about 45 minutes decorating. We were asked to pick out the best four of our cupcakes for the judges at the Husky Cupcake Wars that were going to be held during lunch. 

After decorating, we took some of our time to prep for the symposium on Saturday, putting together our slideshow and some posters for our stand. Following this activity, we got the chance to meet with Dan in the NHS kitchen. He is the baker who bakes all the desserts and special bread for us. What was amazing is that he bakes around 650 cupcakes for dress dinners! It was nice to know what goes on behind the scenes in our kitchen and how much preparation is needed for our meals and desserts here at New Hampton. 

At lunch, we got to taste all of our savory and dessert pies that we had made the previous day. They were absolutely delicious. Following lunch, the group was allowed some down time until 2pm, when we left for Concord to visit the Crust and Crum Bakery. We walked through the small and narrow baking kitchen of the store and asked about how the owner of the bakery managed its busy orders and baking with so few employees. We asked her several questions about why she chose this career and what she finds most rewarding about her work. We left for dinner at the Common Man in Ashland and had a nice meal.

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