Monday, March 9, 2015

NHS Greenhouse Day 1 - Design

The day began with breakfast and planning, including some writing about what we hope to accomplish.

From there, the group went to Mr. Shackett's classroom to create plans for our projects. There are five projects that students will be completing throughout the course if the week.

Ivana and Makayla will be planning and constructing a location for red worm composting. "Today we started building our worm farm. We began to dig our 2ft x 10ft x 22in trench. We drew our final project and are ready to get our materials".

The worm trench mapped out.
Rory and Igor are "working on making ideas for shelves in the greenhouse. We are going to hang some shelves, as well as build some shelves that go between the planters. We wrote the plans and have a list of materials to get tomorrow."

Michael, Eamon, and Nick began working on a drip irrigation system. "First we dug out the hose to rice house, which took a while due to snow. Then we measured all of the characteristics of the greenhouse. The last thing we did was design what our manifest looks like and what we are going to build tomorrow."

Nico, Carl, and Noah began working on a solar panel project. "We started off with many challenges. First, we did not have the right type of wire to use. Also, we did not have a good location and set up for the solar panel. Before lunch, we were able to determine the type of wire we need. The length of the wire was determined after lunch when we took measurements. We made a small scale sketch of our plans and tomorrow we are going to get our materials."

Mr. Shackett and Nico research the solar panel
Lala and Nicki began working on their planting project. "Today we filled the raised beds with soil, added certain nutrients, and planned what we are going to plant. We are planning on putting vegetables such as peppers, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes in the beds. We are really looking forward to growing and helping our plants thrive."

We had a very productive first day and are looking forward to putting our designs into action.

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