Thursday, March 12, 2015

NHS Greenhouse Day 4 - So Much Progress

What a productive day in the Greenhouse. Everyone came ready to work and have fun! The dusting of snow overnight gave us an opportunity to think about how snow can actually help insulate if left on the shady side of the greenhouse. We also were able to take a look at the temperature gauge to see how quickly the greenhouse loses and gains heat based on the path of the sun. The temperature went from 25 degrees to a very comfortable 58 degrees in only 90 minutes!

Mr. Shackett began the day by showing everyone how to make a simple peg board. These can be hung throughout the greenhouse to add storage. Every cubic inch of the house is precious space, so every little bit of extra storage helps. Vertical storage allows for more growing space.

Work continued throughout the morning, with students taking more risks to get outside of their comfort zones. Lala and Nicki, who have been working all week planting, decided to build a shelf mirroring the design Mr. Schwab drew.

After lunch, everyone reflected on what they are proud of thus far. Here are their responses:
  • Nico: Constructing the cross-brace shelves on the rafters and helping with the worm bin. 
  • Nick: Building the manifold for the drip irrigation system. I have never built anything before. 
  • Carl: Helping his group and others. Being able to make sure that the solar panel was installed level. 
  • Igor: Helping to build shelving and helping with other projects. Proud to learn how to measure using standard units, rather than his native metric system.
  • Makayla: Learning how to use tools and construct the worm bin. Especially proud to use the jigsaw.
  • Ivana: I did not think we would be able to complete and finish our project, but we are well on our way.
  • Rory: Completing their first shelf and now being able to fly through the second one. The finished project is very similar to our design we drew on Monday.
  • Eamon: Installing the irrigation system and building the tubing.
  • Michael: I was not sure how we were going to figure out the irrigation system, but now that we have, it looks good.
  • Lala: This entire project is beyond my comfort zone. I am so proud of doing something that I have never done before. 
  • Nicki: All of the time we put into mixing soil and the process from planning to completion. 
  • Noah: Building the circuit for the solar panel. Also helping with the shelving projects. 
  • Mr. Schwab: Designing and building shelves for the greenhouse that will outlast me. 
  • Mr. Shackett: Able to drag myself out of bed this morning to get materials for the projects so that students could work on more than we initially planned.

Nico tests out the coffin...aka worm bin
Testing the fit for the top door to the worm bin

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