Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Special Olympics Day 1

14 of New Hampton School's finest souls travelled to Manchester to work with Special Olympic athletes and administers. Students had the opportunity to meet individuals with intellectual disabilities and received an orientation of the organization. We shared stories, worked together, and began to understand the challenges that individuals with intellectual disabilities face throughout their lives.

Did you know that only 1 and 10 adults with intellectual disabilities will be gainfully employed? However, if they take part in the Special Olympics, that number changes to 3 out of 10!

Special Olympics uses sports as a vehicle to empower athletes and helps us realize that we have much more in common with individuals with disabilities than we think.

After a long day of cleaning, organizing, and helping prepare for the Winni Dip, NHS travelled to Nashua to watch a unified basketball game. We cheered our hearts out and were in awe of the athlete's determination, heart, and pure love of the game.

Can't wait for day two!!

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