Thursday, March 5, 2015

Learning to Tinker

Welcome to the Tinker Shop Blog! This will be a space where the daily events of the Tinker Shop project will be recorded and discussed.

The Tinker Shop project will be broken into several different sections. These sections are forestry, automotive, woodshop, carpentry, and an internship day. Students will learn the importance of safety in all areas. They will also learn the basics of automotive repair and maintenance, how to proficiently and safely utilize power tools, how to identify and distinguish trees, and many other skills.

These different sections will be led and taught by members of the New Hampton School maintenance staff. Students will not only gain the skills in which to work effectively in the different fields demonstrated, but they will also gain a further appreciation for how much work the maintenance and grounds crew accomplishes.

The project will culminate with an internship day in which the learned skills will be put to the test. Students will prune trees, change oil on cars, and participate in construction projects on campus. There will also be nightly activities for our students on campus. Check back soon for finalized schedules.

Students are already getting excited as this is sure to be a unique and rewarding experience for everyone. See you in the shop!

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