Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Project Ideas

Students! Have a great idea for Project Week 2016? 

Get your idea on the list below and start talking to faculty members who may share your passion or interest in learning something new. Once your project has both student and faculty leaders, the Director of Experiential Learning will help you craft a Project Proposal. Your project idea will then move to The Board, a post where you can find more detailed information about all of our proposed projects.

Please note that projects requiring a flight will generally not be considered at this point, but that doesn't mean your project has to be "on-campus". You can propose projects with bus or train distance from New Hampton.

Student Generated Project Ideas
  • Make an iPad App (Kaya S. with Mr. Bergdahl(?))
  • Live and Let Live Farm (Paige D., Ruby S., Ivan R., and Makayla D. with Ms. Gale & Ms. Bridgham)
  • Wilderness Survival (Nicolai A. with Mr. Bergdahl(?))
  • Fashion Design/Upcycling Clothing (Ria H. with Ms. Farr-Williams(?) or Ms. Brewster and Ms. McMahon)
  • Indoor Adventure (Julia S. with Mr. Whitmore)
  • Designing an Eco-House (Elliot S.)
  • 3D Movies (Carter C.)
  • Architecture, CAD, or 3D Printing (Junghoon K.)
  • NHS Greenhouse (Bella C.)
  • Virtual Stock Market (Elliot S.)
  • Strength, Speed, Skill (Mike D.)
  • Cosplay (??)
  • IB Extended Essay (Bella C.)
  • Make A Short Animation Movie (Tina Z.)

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