Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ultimate Cooking Day #2: Breakfast

Today we learned a lot about breakfast. First off, we started with making pancakes. We had many different options to put in our pancakes including blueberries, chocolate chips, fresh nutmeg, and cinnamon. Being the young chefs that we are, we decided to make three different groups and compete for who had the best pancakes. One group had nutmeg, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. Another group had chocolate chips and the final group had blueberry. 

Once the pancakes were cooking some of the young chefs decided to make designs. Torrey made a flower and Dom got very creative, getting in touch with his artistic design skills, and made Mickey Mouse. Afterwards, we headed off to the grocery store and picked out our ingredients for our 3 different pizzas tomorrow. 

In the afternoon, we made an amazing eggs benedict. We learned the skills required to poach an egg, make hollandaise sauce and how to toast an English muffin. From there we put together the English muffin, Canadian bacon, egg, and hollandaise sauce and topped it off with a little bit of cracked pepper and salt. These came out absolutely stunning. They look like they are from a 5-Star Restaurant in New York City. If you want a great breakfast come talk to our amazing young chefs.

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