Thursday, March 10, 2016

Au Canada! Day 3: Bagels, Books and Plackis

Bonjour, des parents! We are now ending our third day in Montreal, and tomorrow will be our last day. We woke up and took the bus up Rue Saint-Laurent for our food tour. Along the way we saw quite a few adorable children, but then we got back to business and continued to our meeting place to meet up with our tour guide. Unfortunately, once we arrived, it was communicated to our project leaders that there was a miscommunication with the day and they intended on meeting up with us tomorrow. But, as the saying goes, the show must go on, so we continued on to a famous bagel shop, St-Viateur Bagel, and ate some pretty delicious bagels. Once we got there though, I, Jenna, noticed that my favorite tea store in the world, DAVIDsTEA (which is actually based in Montréal), was next door. Of course, being the tea fanatic that I am, I insisted that we stop in and check out the tea.

After enjoying our trés déliecieux bagels and tea, we took the bus to McGill University, the oldest university in Canada, and one of the most prestigious ones in the world. We stopped by a lot of the science and engineering buildings, the arts building, the bookstore, and the rec. center, where we grabbed some lunch. It made me feel nostalgic of the time when I began touring universities, and it finally hit me that I’m graduating from high school in two months and I’ll be attending college next fall. It’s crazy to think how time flies by!

We walked to the Basilique Marie-Reine-du-Monde through the Underground City, which is like one huge underground mall. It’s stocked with loads of boutiques and chain stores, and it has a little food court in it as well.

Upon our arrival at the cathedral, we went inside and just wandered around. We noticed the Cathedral is in the shape of the holy cross and that the architecture is very similar to that of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Italy.  Simply put, we were in complete awe of the beauty of the cathedral. The intricate design and color scheme in the cathedral was absolutely stunning.

When we returned back to our hotel, we had some time to rest after a long day of walking and navigating around the city. After we had our time to rejuvenate and chill out, we walked over to Café Stash, a Polish restaurant in the old city. The general favorites were placki, a dish that is essentially potato pancakes. Of course, we also had to order pierogies, a traditional Polish dish that resembles dumplings, except they typically have potatoes and cheese in them. The food was wonderful and a perfect end to our day!

Now we’re all in our hotel rooms, getting ready for another exciting day tomorrow! Bon soir mesdames et messieurs!

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