Thursday, March 10, 2016

Indoor Adventure: Day Three

The Indoor Adventure team ramped up the intensity today with trips to Evo Rock and Fitness and Velocity Cycles. After a quick introduction to the equipment and overview of the walls, we were set free on the longest continuous climbing wall in New Hampshire! The staff was on hand to help belay, as was our own JT Wheelock!

After lunch out in Concord, we were off to Rollinsford to bike ride! Velocity Cycles gave the crew an intense workout, led by our awesomely enthusiastic instructor, Lisa. The high-tech bike technology allows the rider to tilt and lean left and right, simulating the feel of a road bike ride. Anthony and Andres will be giving their reviews of our rock climbing experience and Shay and Antonia will be sharing their reflections on our visit to Velocity.

Evo Rock is an indoor rock climbing center that features huge climbing walls as well as other exercise options like yoga and weight lifting sessions. The climbing area includes a smaller section for bouldering and a larger section of rope climbing, both with many trails that vary in difficulty. The business, filled with friendly and understanding staff, ran very smoothly and efficiently.
- Anthony

The experience at the Evo Rock climbing facility this morning was wonderful. The facility has a huge amount of climbing walls for us to choose from. The staff who assisted us were friendly and helpful. I loved the positive atmosphere that our group members created this morning. For myself, I think climbing is not only fun, but also very intense. Although I had a hard time trying to conquer some walls, I made some achievements as well. I strongly recommend others try this indoor activity, because this is a good opportunity to experience 'adventure' for yourself. - Andres

The Indoor Adventure crew rated this the most athletically challenging day of the week so far! Both Evo and Velocity offered great workouts and fun, unique experiences. The climbing wall offered routes for all skill levels and students could easily choose the level of difficulty for each climb. So challenging, in fact, was the climbing wall, that many students needed to take breaks to rest their arms between climbs! Velocity proved the most tiring workout of the week, with nearly 45 minutes of non-stop peddling at varied speeds and resistance levels. With a fun atmosphere and great instructor, it was considered very good exercise in a well structured format.


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