Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 1 Complete - We Are Figuring Out the Life of a Filmmaker!

We began the day in our "home base", the Pubs Lab.  Our goal for the morning was to write our script and plan out the filming. It was a bit slow at first, then the ideas began flowing and our script was well on its way. Julia L., co-director, took the lead on script writing which was very helpful. Still energized, we took an hour lunch break and met back to begin filming...

The afternoon consisted of various shots, led by co-director Egor, and some highs and lows. As the afternoon progressed, we began to understand where our time should be spent and how to be more efficient with the process. We met back again after dinner to film a few scenes that needed darkness.  

Tired but psyched to continue tomorrow morning!

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