Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 1 in Paradise: Vieques, Puerto Rico

On our first day as a group in Vieques, we explored and learned about the history of Puerto Rico, specifically the island of Vieques, with Robert Rabin. Around 9 am we left our housing at La Finca and met up with Robert at the Museum Fort Count Mirasol. There, we talked and had lunch with Robert while he informed us about the historic bombings and events that occurred in the early 2000's. We also got an inside peak of the island's radio station on which the group will have a chance to be interviewed Monday morning. The group enjoyed connecting with a primary source from the island as our first experience of the trip.

After spending some time with Robert, we met up with another local, Mark Martin. Mark works at the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust. He taught us about the different organisms and complex nature of the bio-luminescent bay and how it works since we will be crossing it off our schedule tonight. We will spend a few hours this evening in transparent kayaks looking over and exploring the luminous dinoflagellates. We have an early start tomorrow with a 14 1/2 mile bike ride.

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