Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Getting Started... Building a GoKart!

Our day began in the cafeteria where we discussed our project and the plan of action for the day/week. Our first objective, acquire tools that we would need throughout the week. We first looked over the instructions and took an inventory of what we would need.  Once we had our list, we made the long trip to Lowes in Tilton, NH, where we gathered and purchased a number of tools to help with our building process.

When we returned to campus, we unpacked everything, brought it into the lower gym and set up our “Workshops”.  Our project leaders had secured two Go-Karts so at this point we established two design and construction teams, "Donkey Kong" and "Bowser".   There was some deconstruction that needed to take place before we could put these Go-Karts together, so several members, under the guidance of DJ and John (Project Leaders) took the initiative to begin detaching the wood pieces. It was a tough job since the pieces needed to be precisely cut. Here we began our own mini production line where a couple students would detach pieces and pass them off to two others that were sanding the pieces. Once sanded, the pieces were then given to others in the group that began construction.  

Construction consisted of people fastening parts together with screws, once they were identified and correctly placed. Only a couple of road blocks set us off course briefly, but due to the diligent work and oversight these errors were corrected quickly.   

Jake Rossner, who was one of the managers, helped Team Donkey Kong take the lead in getting to the halfway mark. Our plan for the second day is to get the Go-Karts as close to finished as possible. On the third day, we plan on painting the carts. We look forward to seeing the finished product.

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