Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 2: Interview with Glenn Rummier

"During this interview, we touched on many ideas on what a successful restaurant requires. The name is probably one of the most important aspects to a successful restaurant. However the name cannot be too straight-forward. When it comes to the food of the restaurant, quality is over quantity. Also it is important to think about your customers and the environment the restaurant is placed. What I mean by this is if you were to have a restaurant by the ocean you should probably serve seafood. However if your restaurant is in the back country area then you would maybe want to serve burgers and steaks. It is extremely important to make sure there are kid friendly meals kids can enjoy. This is because most families won't go to a restaurant that their kids can't enjoy. Another thing that might help a restaurant business is coming up with the story. Create an inspirational story for the restaurant. This helps people relate to the restaurant. Finally another important thing to keep in mind is that people remember the bad more than the good. This means if one customer has a bad experience they will tell ten people, rather than if they have a good experience, where they would usually only tell two."
- Jamie C.

This got us thinking about our restaurant. It took us awhile but we agreed to open an American food restaurant in the form of a diner, maybe. We researched the area's competition and the demographics of our community. It took us awhile, but we came down to a name that wasn't taken for a URL address: Main Street Diner. We are pretending Draper House is our facility. Glenn recommended that our logo didn't include street names or the word "diner."

Each of us has a job now. Some of us will create the menu; some of us are creating the floor plan and the kitchen plan, and some of us are creating the logo. Once we figure out our story, then we can get to work on our projects.

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