Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First Stop This Morning: Gina's Place

 "When you first walk into Gina's Place you immediately feel like you're at home; the smells, the decor and the waiters. The layout is very simple and not too fancy. They have signs up with funny sayings adding to the character. For a local, it is very comforting. It feels very casual, which for me is what you want when going to a breakfast place. The food is very good. I had the hash and eggs and it was delicious. You can tell that all their food is home cooked. I also had a muffin, which was baked in the restaurant. They take a lot of care in their food preparation and it shows. Their menu is laid out very well. One thing I found unique was that they offered hash browns. Usually that is a southern food item and you are not able to find them up here in the northeast. They were very good though and added to the style of Gina's Place. The fact that the owner works in the kitchen and cooks and bakes most of the food makes it that much more special. Overall I thought it had very good food service and atmosphere."
- Guthrie L.

"Today for project week we went to Gina's Place. This was a small diner in Bristol, New Hampshire. We got a chance to talk to Gina, the owner, and ask her what it is like owning the restaurant. She told us her story and why she was in the restaurant business in the first place. We ate breakfast there and I had the buttermilk pancakes. The restaurant is a small, cozy diner that applied to mostly local customers but she explained how in the summer, lots of people come and eat there that are staying in the area for a short amount of time."
- Christian T.

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